Beef tartar with herbal mayonnaise29 PLN

Mix salad with smoked cheese19 PLN

Fish soup23 PLN

Rye soup with white sausage and hard boiled egg23 PLN

Dumplings with potatoes, cottage cheese topped with fried onion19 PLN

Dumplings with mixed meat topped with fried onion25 PLN

Home-made pasta with prawns28 PLN

Home-made pasta with vegetables22 PLN

Free range eco chicken, polenta, mix salad35 PLN

Pork ribs, french fries39 PLN

Beef tenderlion, seasonal vegetables, potatoes, dark sauce69 PLN

Gilthead, parsley small noodles, fennel39 PLN

Classic beef burger29 PLN

Falafel burger, rocket, french fries 25 PLN

Children’s Menu

Chicken broth with noodles 7 PLN

Tomato soup with sour cream 8 PLN

Breaded chicken, french fries and rav vegetable salad15 PLN

Polish gnocchi with butter 12 PLN

Pancake with sweet cottage cheese or Nutella 12 PLN

Ice cream with fruits 7 PLN

Seasonal fruit compote 5 PLN