Lunch Menu

Toast with cheese and ham 22 PLN

Sour rye soup with white sausage and egg 29 PLN

Sorrel cream soup with egg 29 PLN

Dumplings with potatoes, cheese topped with onion 19 PLN

Dumplings with meat topped with onion 29 PLN

Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce 25 PLN

Pasta with mushroom cream sauce 28 PLN

Bulgur risotto with grilled vegetables 25 PLN

Sauerkraut stew with wild boar and regional dried plum 35 PLN

Selection of salad with mozzarella cheese 25 PLN

Selection of salad with roast beef 28 PLN

French fries 9 PLN

Seasonal vegetables 12 PLN

Home made bread and butter 7 PLN

Desserts 14 PLN

The menu is valid every day from 12:00 to 16:00